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Experience Change


"Gianfranco is excellent.  I look forward to referring my many patients' with lymphedema and lyme's disease.  The profound changes I experienced after one session was amazing.  I look forward to my next visit."  -Anonymous

"Very professional and talented.  Great office space.  Fantastic treatment."  -Jennifer E.

"I bought this because I have heard that Lymphatic Drainage was beneficial for all kinds of ailments.  I found the session to be very informative as far as the different kinds of things it is used for and why.  There are no doubts that my questions haven't been answered.  Upon leaving, I could feel the difference in the way my body felt and am returning for a few more sessions as well.  I recommend this for anyone who wants more than just a "massage."-Wendy G.

After being rear ended in a car accident, I went to Postural Evolution for massage.  Their skills, experience and empathy has greatly accelerated my recovery from whiplash.  It is easy to schedule appointments with both therapists and they also take medpay from my auto insurance so that I don't have "yet another task" to deal with my insurance company.  I highly reccomend anyone who has soft tissue injuries.  -Jude H. 




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